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Short-term goals examples for your interview could include: This way, you show that you've done your research and that your goals align with the company through which you want to gain employment.Avoid answering the long-term goal question with aspirations like ""become the CEO of a Fortune 500 company"" or ""win the Nobel prize."" Keep your answers in tune with your skills, work history, and abilities.

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Maybe you've done considerable job-hopping over the last few years. When asked about your short- and long-term goals, mention that you've changed jobs several times and that you're tired of it.

You're looking for stable employment so you can grow with a company and put down roots.

There's no right or wrong way to answer the question, ""What are your long- and short-term goals?

"" It's completely dependent upon your personality, skills, abilities, and actual goals.

If you can answer this question within the framework of working for this specific company, you'll put yourself in a great position to walk away with the job.

Stress that you're looking for long-term employment with a stable company.This means that your short-term goals should somehow lead to your long-term goals.Short-term career goals examples could include: From there, build on your answers to form your long-term goals.If your short-term goal is to learn new skills, for instance, your long-term goal might be to gain a managerial position that allows you to lead a team.Focus on guiding yourself toward the future you envision.Let’s just say, I don’t have much confidence when it comes to writing.My imagination isn't the problem here, I have so many ideas and I feel passionate about so many different topics, I seem to find inspiration nearly everywhere. I feel overwhelmed with all the thoughts that go through my mind everyday hence, the notebook.Reflective Journal #1 I decided to try and free-write about my experience with writing and after going over my notes, I have come to the conclusion that I feel very insecure about it…I remember in middle school I used to rest my arm on my paper while I wrote, hoping my teacher wouldn’t be able to read my work before I handed it in.Keep your answers honest, but let the company and position guide you.Before you attend any interview, visit the company's website and look for its mission statement, vision statement, or similar set of goals.


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