Titles For Child Abuse Research Papers

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Animals face dangers from poaching and illegal hunting, and the destruction of and changes to their habitats.

Animal welfare groups argue that animals should not be removed from the wild or killed unless necessary, or not at all.

Students could write about whether killing animals for human benefit is right or wrong, or about the different methods used to kill animals.

Many products, including cosmetics, food and drugs, are tested on animals.

If genetics plays a part, what can we do to a child’s youth to help them keep fit?

Most countries in the world have more weight problems now than ever before, so you can write this paper on almost anywhere in the world.A research paper could explore what alternatives exist and whether they are feasible substitutes to testing on animals.Animals are often put on display in zoos and circuses. Animal rights groups emphasize the need to treat animals used for entertainment in a way that meets their needs, while some oppose the idea altogether, arguing that this is contrary to the animal's nature.Students could discuss in a paper whether it is right to use animals for entertainment, perhaps distinguishing among different animals and different types of entertainment.Another potential topic is what could be done to ensure that animals have owners who will properly care for them.There are also issues surrounding conservation and ensuring that animals have environments appropriate for them.This can be a potential research topic, looking at the damage that has already been done to wildlife and ways of preventing it in the future.Childhood Obesity is, unfortunately, a growing problem in many countries all around the world, and is only getting worse.This is, therefore, a subject in whom there is plenty of research to be conducted and papers to be written.Animal rights groups emphasize keeping animals free from hunger, thirst, pain, disease and distress.Such groups argue that these needs are sometimes not met in situations in which animals are used for food or clothing, experimentation, entertainment and even in the wild.


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