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By assuming this neutral stance he puts forward the proposition that the African tribes are not as savage and brute as what any European stereotypical view about... Things Fall Apart Things fall apart is one of the novels by of the most renowned African Chinua Achebe.

Among the most prominent of the characters in this novel is Okonkwo, whose personality can be said to be thoroughly masculine and who is used as an example from which all the other men in Umuofia are defined.

There are instances throughout the novel where Okonkwo is described as doing things that one would associate with masculinity.

The cultural differences between the Africans and the Whites in the novel present a lot of problems between the two cultures.

The novel tells the story of the arrival of the whites through the story of Okonkwo, one of the elders of the Umofia clan who because of his inability to accept the changing times and the coming of the white man ends up dying an......

With the strength that Okonkwo possessed, fame and prestige was always just an arm-stretch away.

As the village was filled with testosterone, strength and power, the author made the protagonist seem to be an untouchable and......marry as many women as he likes because having multiple wives and children is considered to be a source of wealth or that one was rich.

Ikemefuna becomes a part of Okonkwo’s household and is in fact, treated, as an older brother by the latter’s children.

However, there comes a time when the Oracle declares that Ikemefuna has to be put to death in revenge for the killing of an Umuofian years earlier.

As a result, Nwoye eventually chooses to leave his father’s home and join the missionaries, where he eventually comes to find peace.

In this case, Achebe seems to be criticizing the aloof nature of Okonkwo in raising his son, believing that if he shows any affection for Nwoye, then the boy will end up being weak and effeminate.


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