Thesis Statement On War On Drugs

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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.This is something many have opposed to, like the way Americans now bitterly opposes the war on Iraq.

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There are generally two factions: one started supporting guerillas (who wants America to be decertified) and the other looking for ways to distance themselves with the U. For example, the so-called war is too focused on marijuana (Conan).To many, the war just ended up as the militarization of Latin America.Mexico is now spending 0 million to a billion a year on the drug war (Tavis), just because they don’t want Americans invading them just like what they did in Panama.The same goes with Colombia and the rest of South America. Dissidents on the war on drugs argue that the term itself “war” is an inappropriate metaphor. Yes, there is nothing wrong about thinking war on drugs in the context of law enforcement.Law enforcement is an indispensable tool in control and outlawing drug market-related violence. But when you start to think a war on drugs as sending troops to other countries then that is a different matter entirely.Therefore, putting traffickers behind bars is part of the literature of war.When they’re shut out, drug availability is reduced; and so when you decrease the availability of drugs, abuse goes down too. government directs its efforts in purging all supply lines and drug cartels to stop the availability of drugs. war on drugs spread like wildfire reminding that this is not just one countries war, the problem of drugs is a global human problem that everyone should take seriously.It is believed that drug trafficking is a flagrant disrespect of the law, and society is compelled to punish such rebellion through overt force.Punishment and retribution are the keys to stopping drug trafficking and therefore the justice system should criminalise the activity and all its forms.Presidents Ford and Carter expanded Nixon’s resolve when they focused the war by attacking the supply lines of drugs.Reagan followed through by militarising and launching strikes to suppliers and drug cartels and tripling its funds in drug eradication.


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