Thesis On Genocide

These increases show that there is a lack of deterrence and enforcement in international law when it comes to perpetual sexual violence in these provinces.This could be influenced by the escalating numbers of rebel armies present in the Democratic Republic of Congo that shun international humanitarian law.If deterrence is not increased, perpetrators will continue to commit these crimes against humanity.

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After the Rwandan genocide, the governing bodies of international law tried to confront and subsequently rectify their handling of these war criminals by creating a Tribunal.

This Tribunal would deal specifically with war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the Rwandan genocide.

These current laws have not done enough to deter sexually violent crimes toward women and children in civil conflict.

There has been an increase in reported human rights abuses of sexual violence over the last eight decades.

However the initiatives taken both proactively with prevention as well as with the prosecution have not been strong enough to create substantial change.

We must realize that it is as important to teach the lessons learned from genocides passed as it is to have the nations with the most influence succeed in pushing forward an increase in deterrence.

These abuses of sexual violence target the female population.

One such example is the Holocaust, which is a contemporary civil conflict where women experienced sexually violent crimes and were brutally raped on a continual basis.

This would make it impossible for perpetrators to commit these atrocities without being held accountable for their actions, whether direct or indirect.

Instituting tougher measures on multiple ends of the judicial spectrum would consider both an increase in sentencing as well as greater rehabilitative initiatives for areas experiencing mass rapes and increased sexual violence during genocide.


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