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Imaging that, one year from now, your team has a marketing class assignments due at am on Monday morning.It is now pm on Sunday night; time is short, tension builds, and your team has reached an impasse. How would you enable the team to meet your deadline? After the career goals question, it probably ranks as the most critical essay you write.Not surprisingly, my team lost in the final contest the next day.

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The day before the final contest , as planed, we went to the Wuhan theatre, where the contest would be held, to have the final stage rehearsal.

But that was interrupted by an urgent call from my co-worker of the welcome-party so that I told modern dance team to practice without me.

Leadership and Teamwork Business schools assess leadership and team skills in applicants very keenly.

Some schools may include direct questions asking you to narrate your leadership and teamwork experiences.

Perhaps you encourage members to adopt roles business or otherwise.

Hint: the leader or CEO in this case might be your most soft-spoken team member.Other schools that don't ask these questions directly assess you on these skills through the experiences you share through the various essays you write.If these are indeed your strength areas you would bring them up in your essays anyway is the assumption they work with.That taught me how over-confidence can ruin something important .After that event, I reflected that the only way to success is objective assessment , clear plan , and hard-working.Whatever you do in this essay, be careful not to present yourself as the one who single handedly gets the team dynamic going. As a leader of my college modern dance team , I took my team into the annual university modern dance contest in Hubei province.Sample Essay Topic: Describe when you were part of a team where the group process and/or intended outcome failed. There were five teams to compete each other for the gold.Are you likely to help everyone get along and arrive at solutions? This question is intended to illustrate this particular type of intelligence. Almost the entire application process thus far has asked you to showcase me-me-me.Now the focus of your story needs to be on the we and how you made the we happen.Remember: the team in this particular essay is at an impasse, as most teams are at some point and time. Ideas: a change of scene, food, twenty push-ups, a quick round-the-room confessional about why you came to b-school.Introducing some process is also useful: ground rules such as voting, speaking times, a division of labor and a timeline, all create a method out of the madness.


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