Tattoo Business Plan

If so, starting your tattoo shop could be perfect for you.

Tattoos and body art are fashion statements that have endured for hundreds of years.

Today, one in three young adults have at least one tattoo.

Luckily, you can protect your livelihood when you take out insurance to cover the financial costs of these risks.

Most tattoo shops will need the following areas of insurance: The easiest way to find the right tattoo shop insurance at the best price is to speak to as many specialist insurance companies as you can.

And the increasing trend for getting inked shows no sign of slowing down.

Do you have a creative passion for body art and want to start a job that you’ll enjoy every day?It’s likely that your local Environmental Health Officer will inspect your premises.They will check that your premises meet health and safety requirements before granting your licence.Consider things like if it is in an area with a high footfall to increase your number of walk-ins If you think you’ve found the perfect spot to open your new tattoo shop, score it against this list of essentials: You may have an artistic flair.But to run a successful tattoo business, you need specialist equipment.While there are no formal qualifications required, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Health and Safety Executive recommendations:“An employer is …required to provide adequate employee training to ensure that they can carry out their work safely.Without the correct documentation, you can be prosecuted under health and safety law and face fines or even a jail sentence.To get a licence to carry out tattooing and other body art procedures, in most cases you’ll need to contact your local council.No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen.And in today’s no-win, no-fee society it’s easier than ever for a member of the public to launch a claim against you.


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