Swot Business Plan

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As the number of childrenserved grows, fixed costs are spread thinner over a larger customer base.

Threats Competition from alreadyestablished facilities that improve their service offerings to be more competitiveto The Toddler Warehouse. Legal liability issues, eitherone large suit against The Toddler Warehouse, or significant increases inpremiums due to changes within the operating environment of the industry.

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Situation Analysis The Toddler Warehouse is a start-upbusiness.

A comprehensive marketing plan and effort will be instrumental indeveloping visibility and generating sales. a full-service child care and child development facility for toddlers.While thistrend fuels the need for more general child care facilities, it also generatesdemand for facilities that offer child development.As the parents are spendingless and less time with the children, they have less time to help them develop.Marketing Strategy The Toddler Warehouse’s marketing strategywill be based on an advertising effort as well as strategic alliances withorganizations related to the care of children.Advertisements: The Toddler Warehouse willrun advertisements in The Yellow Pages, The Marion County Community Resource Newsletter, and Statesman Journal, The local newspaper.The Toddler Warehouse will leveragethis information to continue to study who is served, their needs, and how The Toddler Warehouse can best communicate with them. Market Needs The Toddler Warehouse is providing Salem parents with a full-time child care service that utilizes a sophisticated learningdevelopment system.Market Demographics The Toddler Warehouse’s customers can bedescribed by the following factors: Geographic The immediate geographic areais the city of Salem which has a 130,000 person population base. The Toddler Warehouse will fulfill the following benefitsthat are important to their customers: Selection: A complete serviceoffering of child care and learning development for toddlers age three to five.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Market Trends The market trend in child care is anincreased utilization of child care by parents.This is fuelled by the parent’sdesire/need to go back to work generating income for the family.


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