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However, they do not ignore the audience but mainly focus on how speakers can persuade the listeners.Needless to say, traditional theories reflect a dominating nature of men as opposed to invitational rhetoric, which is based on feminist principles, such as equality, self determination, and evaluation of a person (Foss and Griffin 3).

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In that light, I welcome any addendum, comment, and critique made for whatever reason!

Disclaimer: I’m not making JJBA out to be in any way revolutionary.

Invitational rhetoric refers to an invitation aimed at understanding, which fosters an equality-rooted relationship.

Invitational rhetoric involves offering the audience to enter the rhetor’s world, to witnesses his/her practices.

Rhetoric is mainly referred to as persuasion, “traditional rhetoric theories occur within pre-imposed or preconceived frameworks, that are reflexive and reinforce the vocabularies and tenets of those frameworks,” (Foss and Griffin 13).

In addition, these theories attempt to impose change on individuals by using persuasive means.

Foss and Griffin argue that invitational rhetoric theory is mainly derived from a feminist point of view.

However, they insist that feminists are not the only ones who have developed the theory’s rules (5).

In addition, the invitational theory aims at expanding communication options.

Rhetoric is defined as persuasion; the authors believe that persuasion is necessary.


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