Stereotyping Essay

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Racial stereotypes are automatic and exaggerated mental pictures that we hold about all members of a particular racial group.When we stereotype people based on race, we don’t take into account individual differences.We can obtain this factual information by leaving our comfort zones and exposing ourselves to people of different races.

As we change ourselves, we can elicit changes in others through our examples and the quality of our conversations.As we grow older and are influenced by parents, peers, and the media, our tendency to label different racial groups as superior/good or inferior/bad increases significantly.Additionally, the less contact we have with a particular racial group, the more likely we are to have negative feelings about the group.However, in most cases, racial stereotypes are harmful because they ignore the full humanity and uniqueness of all people.When our perceptions of different races are distorted and stereotypical, it’s demeaning, devaluing, limiting, and hurtful to others.As a result, we miss opportunities to learn and thrive from our differences.Some people might say, “There’s no harm in having racial stereotypes or making racial or ethnic jokes based on stereotypes.We should also seek out media portrayals of different races that are realistic and positive.Attending churches, plays, concerts, and movies that celebrate diversity will also broaden our worldview.In some cases, people who are repeatedly labeled in negative ways will begin to develop feelings of inferiority.Sometimes, these feelings of inferiority can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies that perpetuate the stereotype.


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