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Through our courses, seminars, colloquia, and other activities, mathematics majors will: In addition to coursework, majors are required to (a) complete the senior integrative exercise and (b) accumulate a total of eight talk-credits during the junior and senior years by attending the comps talks of their colleagues.

If you earn less than a B in your second-semester composition course, you have several options for completing the MCWA.

Mathematics underpins our way of life and our prosperity.

As with any second major, students wishing to obtain a second major in mathematics need only complete the Junior Year Writing requirement and the Integrative Experience requirement in their primary major.

Secondary majors may use up to two courses from outside a mathematics and statistics department to fulfill the eight upper-division course requirement.

Its importance ranges from fundamental developments enabling new technologies, to theories backing up scientific research to analysis of our physical and societal environments.

From governments to financial and research institutions, employers today are seeking people with advanced knowledge and skills in mathematics who are able to play a critical role in strategic and analytical decision-making and problem-solving.The Carleton Mathematics department offers two options within the major, Mathematics or Statistics which are designed to reflect the depth and diversity of modern mathematics or statistics.We seek to provide you with an accurate picture of the nature of mathematics or statistics itself, its applications, and its connections to other disciplines.Additional requirements may apply to double degree students that do not pertain to double major students (students with two majors that have exactly the same degree title). Every undergraduate degree program at the University of Arizona requires satisfaction of the MCWA.a grade of A or B in ENGL 102, ENGL 108 (for ESL students), or ENGL 109H (for qualified students) will satisfy the requirement. For requirements specific to each major, regardless of degree, see: Note: B. students may satisfy both the Laboratory Science Courses Requirement and the Application Courses Requirement by completing one of the Physics sequences. These degrees have many common requirements, including minimum units, English composition, and many of the general education courses. Below, you can find the requirements specific to the two degrees.Bio Chem/Chem 471, CS 311, CS 501, CS 585, Chem 475, Chem 476, Chem 584, Chem 585, Chem Eng 231, Chem Eng 475, CE-Engin 260, Econ 309, Econ 452, ECE 313, ECE 314, ECE 333, MIE 230, MIE 273, MIE 340, MIE 379, Physics 421, Physics 422, Physics 423, Physics 424, Physics 562, Physics 564, Physics 568, Public Health 460, and Res Econ 313.Other courses may be approved on a case-by-case basis.Graduates of the program possess advanced knowledge and skills that make them employable in industry, or prepare them for doctoral studies.This master's course caters to various backgrounds, and allows for three entry points and programs (96 points over 2 years, 72 points over 18 months and 48 points over one year), depending on the applicant’s previous studies. Choose from a wide range of units in Pure mathematics, Applied and Computational mathematics and statistics.


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