Starting Internet Cafe Business Plan

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– What kind of an experience do you want to provide to your cafe customers?

– Do you plan to have live entertainment, like poetry readings or a string quartet?

You have to be able to cover the bills, and earn whatever it is you need to survive.

Beyond that, you can be a great profiteer, and really manage your bottom line, or you can continue on making enough to cover the bills, but at some point you will have to draw on your inner profiteer, because just meeting the bills every month can fast land you in a fiscal quagmire that will threaten your very existence.

Invest in internet café in Africa, start an internet café business in Africa, you will not only make profits but you will advance Africa in new era of information technology...

Internet café is one of the fastest and most profitable businesses in African countries. This business plan may be edited using Business Plan Pro Software.

Internet cafes is a growing business, as they can provide community access with a broader range or more advanced technology than the average home user (faster internet connection, the latest machines, more advanced printers etc).

To start an Internet Café business you need to be sure to have a good internet cafe software and a good internet service provider to offers your customers high speed internet access.

– Will your patrons be able to sit in your cafe indefinitely, or will they be paying by the hour for internet access?

– Do you plan to provide Wifi for those who bring their own devices, and if so, will there be a charge for this?


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