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M (2009) Transgressive Dasein: An applied ontology of sex and gender Jaradi, Kavita Pinakin (2009) Analysis of the Bordeaux red wine industry using the hedonic pricing model Jeudy, Magdala Lissa (2009) A Brave New World: The Affirmation of the Human Being Over Technology Kang, Angela Eun (2009) Attachment, family conflict, and vocational self -concept in the career indecision of Asian Americans Kenton, Gary S (2009) Transmission and Transgression: The Presentation of Rock ' N' Roll on Television King, Sean (2009) Differential Item Functioning Using Item Response Theory for an Algebra Test Kintanar, Kristine Angela Uy (2009) On the duration of large current account imbalances Kolva, Elissa (2009) Anxiety in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Komninos, Thalia (2009) Prosocial behavior as a moderator of the relationship between spirituality and subjective well-being Konopka, Adam Christopher (2009) An introduction to Husserl's phenomenology of Umwelt: Reconsidering the Natur/Geist distinction toward an environmental philosophy Krase, Kathryn S (2009) Exploring unsubstantiated reports by educational personnel of suspected child abuse and neglect in New York State using geographic information system technology: Is there a disproportionate impact on African American children?

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