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Film is also popular among history teachers and has become a ubiquitous part of the classroom.Teachers tend to use films to get students excited about a topic or present them with background knowledge (Stoddard & Marcus, 2005). Upon admission, each student in the Ph D program will be assigned an academic advisor from the group of core faculty in epidemiology.

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Prior to reading each letter, participants were given either a film scene or a textbook equivalent with relevant background information. Participants' responses to the questions were evaluated.

After reading each letter, participants responded to a series of questions designed to measure their comprehension. Can viewing a film scene help struggling readers to comprehend the literal meaning of the text; and/or make inferences related to and which go beyond the text? How does the content and characteristics of a scene influence struggling readers' comprehension of a related primary source? How do adolescence make sense of historical feature films? No significant differences were found between the film and textbook conditions.

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Private philanthropic foundations are perennially controversial actors within public policy contexts, and their influence within U. education policy has increased over the last several decades, yet their actions in the public sphere have received limited empirical and theoretical attention.

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This dissertation presents a cross-case comparative analysis of four influential foundations active in the field of K-12 public education.The analysis, which relied primarily on iterative coding and analytic memoing, led to a multifaceted representation of the five focal students' reading practices.The findings indicate that the focal students were inexperienced with the kinds of reading tasks that they encountered on standardized assessments of reading.I use these empirical findings to explore key questions regarding the influence of foundations as private actors within public education.Historical feature films are regularly nominated for Oscars, grossing billions of dollars in revenue, and are consumed by the public more frequently than history books (Rosenzweig & Thelen, 1998).I determine that these foundations have fundamentally different values regarding their roles as policy actors.These contrasting values represent two distinct modes of engagement, which I describe as economic and political approaches.This analysis explores the impact that motivation and identity have, on a group of Historically Black College and University students, pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.This dissertation, a multiple case study of five long-term English learners (LTELs), problematizes the prevalent interpretation that their low standardized reading test scores are evidence of their "limited English proficiency." Rather than relying on this predominant assumption, I spent a year examining five high school LTELs' reading practices in biology and English language arts through ethnographic observations, interviews, think-alouds, and the collection of selected documents.Both my data collection and the subsequent analysis were informed by a conceptualization of reading as a social practice.This perspective recognizes reading, as measured on standardized tests, as a cultural product that reflects particular sociocultural ways of making meaning with texts.


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