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The God who abounds in love and kindness created a world of delights and placed his beloved image bearers in it with an invitation to enjoyment.Creation is not merely a resource to be used for productivity, it is a gift to be received and enjoyed.This is where the idea of “play” comes in, which is implicit in humanity’s calling to develop and delight in God’s creation.

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God says, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat” (Gen –17).

Unfortunately, many have focused so much on the prohibition of the one fruit that they have overlooked the invitation to feast upon all the other fruits.

This essay argues that when viewed through the lens of Scripture, sports are more than a game, less than a god, and when transformed by the gospel can be received as a gift to be enjoyed forever.

Whether in the pub or in the pew, there is one question you can always count on hearing: “Did you see that game?

There seem to be two polar responses: some dismiss sports as merely a game, while others worship sports as nearly a god.

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The first response minimizes sports as a childlike activity, good for passing time but largely insignificant for the deep matters of life.

The second response deifies sports, expressing religious devotion and offering sacrifices of money and time at the altar of winning.

When viewed through the lens of Scripture, however, we will see that sport is more than a game, less than a god, and when transformed by the gospel can be received as a gift.

” Sports are prominent in culture and relevant to life, which is why the average sports show often spends as much time talking about ethics, racism, crime, and sexuality, as it does athletics. And yet, while sports have captured the minds and hearts of people across the globe, they have evaded the attention of theologians.1 Finding a scholar who has thought deeply and critically about sports from a distinctly Christian perspective is as likely in the church as a triple play on the diamond.

This is a surprising phenomenon considering not only the prevalence of sports globally but also that historically many sports began and developed in overtly religious settings.2 Thankfully, there is a budding field of scholarship on religion and sports emerging today, and Christian theologians are finally getting into the game.3 What is the meaning of sport?


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