Solving Problems Creatively

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At its best, college will train you to think creatively, and prepare you for the reality that education never ends.At its worst, college will reinforce an inbred intellectual smugness, dress it in facts, and provide you with a document asserting your immunity to all future intellectual experience.

Find an innovative solution with one simple technique: re-describe the problem.

"The more different ways you describe the problem you're trying to solve, the more different things you know about that you will call to mind," says Markman. When you think specifically, you limit your memory and stifle creativity. "That freed him to try lots of different methods of separation," says Markman.

Hence: the Dual Cyclone vacuum that led Dyson to fame and fortune.

If this thesis held any intrinsic truth, then going to college would make you smart, a position for which there is no evidence.

Going to a college doesn't make you smart any more than going to a bank makes you rich — unless, of course, you bring your own money to the bank.


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