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The sociology of education has mirrored the larger theoretical debates in the discipline of sociology.From its roots in the classical sociology of Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Emile Durkheim to the contemporary influences of symbolic interactionism, postmodernism, and critical theory, sociology of education research has been influenced by a number of different theoretical perspectives.

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Read what other writers say about the subject to provide a good context for your paper.

All points given in your paper should be supported by credible references.

Until the 1960s, sociologists for the most part shared this optimism about the role of education in a modern society.

They examined important themes, including how children are socialized for adult roles, the school as a social organization, and the effects of schooling on students’ life chances.

Go through three or four and state how they would influence success or subject choice.

Sum up how influential you think these factors are 5.The sociological approach to education is crucial because it provides conclusions based on focused and tested observations.Without such an analysis, one cannot know what is; and without knowing what is, one cannot make what ought to be a reality.Im doing sociology as an external Alevel so I cant just go to a teacher Please somebody help I’m desperate! I have a 30 mark question to do on my sociology mock paper Analyse the view that gender difference in both subject choice and education acheivement are mainly the result of a wider society.Im doing sociology as an external Alevel so I cant just go to a teacher Please somebody help I’m desperate! State what the gender difference is, some nice facts would help here.Research in the sociology of education has attempted to understand whether educational systems provide opportunities for all children to achieve based on their merits or whether they reproduce existing social inequalities.Theory and research in the sociology of education seek to understand the limits and possibilities of schooling.The sociology of education has provided important insights into the ways in which schools affect individuals and groups.Through an examination of the relationship between society and schools, sociologists have uncovered how educational processes affect the way people think, live, and work; their place in society; and their chances for success or failure.I did an answer earlier but lost it when the browser crashed.... That gives you coverage of how it manifests itself. Then explore the idea that its a result of societal factors (state what a societal factor is- definition) .4-6 total or 2-3 each for subject choice and education. Then analyse that and look at how influential and how credible that theory is. Then consider what your stance is with the question and explore whether there are other influences besides society that influence things.


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