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The up taking of smoking is most directly influenced by peer pressure; peers are the number one factor in determining whether or not an individual or a teen in this case, will try a first cigarette, presumably in high school.A decent percentage of the student population smokes, and to their peers these select few are deemed as the “popular, rebellious, cool kids.” To try to fit in many will try cigarettes, only keeping the smoke in the mouth, and not actually inhaling smoke through the lungs.

Although it may not be apparent, 20% of American teenagers smoke. The vast majority of teenagers are educated and aware of the dangers and hazards of smoking, yet many continue to uptake this harmful habit due to external circumstances such as peer pressure and academic pressure.A handful of teenagers fall under peer pressure to smoke.If a teen’s best friend smokes, the likelihood of that teen smoking is increased 13 times compared to as if the best friend did not smoke.During these hang outs, John would constantly step outside to have a smoke.John offers others for a smoke, some decline and some accept.However, eventually throughout these social events, smoking will become second nature and is then quietly integrated in that individual’s life.In other instances, stressors or problems at home might trigger a stage in which an individual smokes as a rebellious/relieve act.Teenage smoking, which is perceived by a majority of teenage smokers as a phase that will pass, eventually becomes set in stone within the transition between high school and college.Teenage smokers still in high school constantly deal with the horrendous scare that one day their parents might find out about their smoking habits.Overall, this town as a whole expects its students to strive for academic success.There are rivalries amongst neighboring high schools to see which has the highest STAR testing scores, most output of top-tier college bound students and much more.


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