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Drug abuse could result from anyone being forcibly ingested with drug or being fooled into consuming something laced with drug.In some cases, the social status of the victim and his/her environment plays a vital role in substance abuse.As the name suggests “Drug Abuse” refers to the abuse/misuse of drug beyond a specified or prescribed limit, by a person.

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Usually, it refers to the initial exposure to drugs which could cause the victim to develop a habit of substance abuse leading to its addiction.

Alcohol, cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin, marijuana are some of the common substances associated with drug abuse.

Drug Abuse and Children Drug abuse by children is a matter of prime concern, mainly in underdeveloped and developing nations.

Children belonging to poor, deprived and socially backward sections of the society are often trapped into drug abuse by an organized syndicate for easy money.

However, the statics from around the world reveal a set drug abuse pattern based on age of the victim and other factors.

World Statistics reveal that drug abuse is more prevalent in Eastern Europe and United States, affecting 5-6% of the total population.One may think that the poorer the nation, the more will be the incidents of drug abuse, but statics reveal just the opposite.Across Africa and Asia, only 1-2% of population is affected by drug abuse, which is considerably low from developed United States and Europe.Below we have provided Long Essay on Drug Abuse in English.This Drug Abuse long essay elaborates every aspect of drug abuse along with its meaning.It may include the drug/s prescribed by a medical professional but are taken more than what was prescribed.“Drug Abuse” is not to be confused with “Drug Addiction” and the two differ from each other, though slightly.We also play the tunes everyone wants to hear but no one else dares to play, so expect to hear some Kylie, Wham, Girls Aloud, Dolly, and other guilty party pleasures we all have lurking at home! And remember at Madame Koo’s there’s no musical rules! Someone might use drug to get some kind of high or pleasure while someone might use it to escape boredom or depression.An overdose of drug taken to escape reality could cause fatal physical and psychological consequences to the abused, even resulting in death in serious cases.


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