Short Essay On Discipline Is The Key To Success

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At this juncture it is pertinent to quote the story of Guru Ramdass and Guru Arjun Dev, Story goes as under: -Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru had several disciples. His quality was, he devotedly kept himself busy with the duty assigned to him by his guru.On October 14, 2017, a CO (Commanding Officer) of a Battalion at Batala in Punjab was assaulted when he took disciplinary action against a Jawan for reporting late to work.8.In May 2017, the Army witnessed one of its most serious cases of indiscipline when officers and Jawans of an artillery regiment in Nyoma in Eastern Ladakh were involved in a brawl. Somebody has rightly said, “In the present age, indiscipline is a great evil both young and old indulged themselves in the acts of indiscipline. Somebody has rightly said,“You should observe the natural scheme of things around yourselves.Discipline, therefore, is a basic necessity of life. This surely helps in the progress of a school or a college. Discipline is necessary for social and national life. We should not hate discipline thinking that it puts some curbs on liberty. It is also a very good platform for teachers who want to share their valuable knowledge.The proper growth of life is impossible if there is no discipline in it. People indulge in fun and frolic on the day of Diwali. At the same time during night, fire-works and crackers are also let off.The bright flames of the fire-work present an exquisite sight in the dark night. Everyone is well clad gay and mirthful some celebrate it in the most enthusiastic way some indulge in gambling according to gamblers, forms a part of Diwali festival.Lakshmi Puja is the Puja of Lakshmi Goddess and is performed at the night during Diwali.Diwali festival is the festival of the whole country.The villagers of Ayodhya welcomed Ram, Lakshman and Sitaby decorating and illuminating their village withdiyas. In West Bengal and some other places in North India Goddess Kali is worshipped during the Diwali.Jains says this is the day when Lord Mahavira attained “moksha or salvation”. Dayanand Saraswati of Arya Samaj also attained ‘Nirvana’ on this day. As the lights keep away the darkness, Goddess Kali drives away the evil forces in our world. Everyone starts making arrangement one month before Diwali, new cloths are purchased, houses are cleaned and decorated with lights, flowers etc.


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