Sex Offender Registry Research Papers

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Hodgson and Kelley point out that “highly publicized case have demonstrated a severe and negative impact on the victim’s family and the offender’s family” (2002, p. Cases of mistaken identities after release of offender information to the public have also been witnessed, and the persons incorrectly identified as sex offenders have undergone harassment and assault.

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Proponents of the public sex offender registry argue that making sex offender information public reduces the rates of sexual offenses by repeat offenders and enable parents to protect their children (IDEA, 2009).

However, public notification of sex offenders does not only affect the offenders, but their families as well.

This is because as human beings as different so are sex offenders. The public should legally be able to view the sex offender registry to protect their family Sexoffenders are people who have been convicted of committing sexual crimes.

In addition, albeit studies show that most sex offenses......, this theory should not be used to determine the mode of treatment.

The dynamic factors to put into consideration include anti-social attitudes, and substance abuse.

It is thus paramount for a judge to understand the sex offenders before sentencing and prescribing a form of treatment. According to Tofte, Sara and Jamie (2007), these ranges from extreme sex acts like statutory rape, child sexual abuse and molestation, bestiality, incest and even sexual assault which are common across all states in the US. This is always based on static factors such as history of arrest, age during the first arrest, and the current age.

The treatment modalities should be aimed at addressing both the psychological as well as emotional aspects of an individual. In some states even urination in the public where there are children who can see is categorized as sex crime, the same applies to sending text messages with obscene sexual content or sexual suggestions between an adult and a teenager. The RNR model has the following features (Andresen, , Risk Principle: This principle matchesthe level of service to the risk of the offender returning to carry out the offence.

This means that treatment should be individualized and centered towards an individual’s needs. The definitions of sexual crimes vary depending on the legislation of a state.

The author talks that supporters of the preservation of the public sex offender registry and relevant acts argue that the registration is important in protecting them and their children.

They however forget the tax burden imposed on tax payers, who have to pay the salaries and fund all operations of the staff working in these units.


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