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When Homer disappears, there is no more to gossip about and they forget him and his association with Miss Emily.

Colonel Sartoris originally told Miss Emily she was not required to pay taxes.

William Faulkner created his own county, Mississippi County, Yoknapatawpha as the setting for all his fiction.

William focused on Emily who was the last child in the lineage of Grierson who was still alive. The main character of the story is Emily Grierson who had died by then.

For example, when a terrible smell permeates the area surrounding Miss Emily's home and neighbors demand that something be done.

When one man suggests they tell Miss Emily to clean up the smell, Judge Stevens replies: Because Jefferson's society is so slow to welcome change, time is an especially important element in Faulkner's story.

Later on she decided to date a Yankee man by the name Homer Barron but when the man planned of marrying her, she turned against him and poisoned him.

This was because Emily had already seen his plans of the marriage not working.

Perhaps the greatest difficulty with Jefferson, as with other parts of the South, may lie in its propensity to in the past.

One reason that the South was slow to change was because of the pervading adherence to a code of chivalry—honorable and gentlemanly behavior.


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