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This is added in order to select cells that have successfully taken up the gene construct.A promoter sequence: A tissue-specific promoter sequence is used to correctly switched the start of expression from the protein in cells with appropriate tissue, for example, mammary cells in lactating cows.

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Humans have been manipulating the transfer of genetic information between organisms for over 10. The first experiences were with cultivation of grains and domestication of animals.

The facilities that these methods bring in order to keep having the necessary stuff for our survival make the humans improve their techniques.

Scientists who produce transgenic cows use a range of techniques including DNA cloning, restriction enzymes, ligation, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), transformation, nuclear transfer and in vitro embryo production.

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In New Zealand, Ag Research have been doing diverse researches about transgenic cows.

With restriction enzymes, the DNA is cut leaving a bunch of pieces with varying lengths. It will be with sticky ends in order to be easily glued back into a vector.

This way, the transgene will have the specifically variant that is needed.

Now, with the advances of science, we have some sophisticated ways to make easier get the most wanted kinds of livestock and plants.

Selective breeding and transgenesis are examples of popular (and successful) processes involving genetic manipulation in the current context.


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