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In C17 editions of "Modest Proposal" some of the text was italicized in order to emphasis the meaning of these sections. One of the infuriating things about the "Proposer"'s or "Projector"'s voice is its serene rationalism.

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See #8 below for the consequences of the culture's ignorance of Swift's warning..

In this proposal, Swift has mentioned other ways to increase the prosperity of Ireland (2478).

This has the effect of literalizing the metaphor as the butchery, sale, and consumption of the "product" are worked out.

This also was a satirical strategy we saw in Jonson's because they both use satire to discuss the welfare of society.

Note that even Behn makes her most debased European "the wild Irishman, Bannister" and moderate Marvell's "Horatian Ode" guardedly praises Cromwell's suppression of the Irish, while Milton positively dances on Irish graves in his commendatory poem to Cromwell on the same expedition.

Think about how we conceive of our identities by making comparisons and contrasts with others.Better yet, see the real thing in Goucher's Rare Book Collection!"For preventing the children of poor people in Ireland from being a burden to their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the public." The essay satirically promotes the consumption of one-year-old children to eliminate the growing number of poor citizens in Ireland.See the events associated with the founding of the London Stock Exchange, especially the "South Sea Bubble," for an example of the last."Projectors," such as the one using socio-economic analysis to solve Ireland's poverty problem, were behind the "Bubble," too.Look closely at the pronoun "we" as it is used in the last paragraph on 2474, or "our merchants" on 2475, and especially "our" in the paragraph about "other expedients" on 2478.Swift plays with his audience by implying that the Projector is Irish, and that his intended readers are Irish, as well.More used a more appealing alternative to create his utopia, a place where everyone was equal and where sharing everything solved class divisions.Distancing the subject from England helps readers play More's game since it reduces their drive to test the utopian constructs against "reality." By contrast, Swift used the horrendous proposal of devouring children to make a statement about the society in which he lived, in effect making England and Ireland seem strange, alien places, a negation of the popular vision."Description of a City Shower": A city shower ironically levels the pretensions and class differences which ordinarily divide the town's population, even as it exposes the disgusting waste that the new "mode" (viz. All social surfaces suddenly are exposed, from low to high: Susan takes down her linens from the line, Tories and Whigs "forget their feuds, and join to save their wigs" (line 41), etc.(Compare with Dryden's "Annus Mirabilus" which turns a city ruined by the great fire into a rising, angelic ruler of the world.) Be sure to visit the U. E-text of "City Shower" (link above) to see images of the poem's pseudonymous first edition in Joseph Addison's The Tatler, one of England's first periodical publications (i.e., a "magazine").


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