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Children ask for everything their hearts desire when they are writing to Santa, but the one gift they would never expect in return is a genuine letter from Santa Claus, delivered to their home, and addressed directly to them.

And as the tradition goes on, little boys and girls continue to sit down with paper and pencil, or crayon, and write to Santa telling him how well they have behaved throughout the year, detailing the good things they have done, and why they deserve to be bestowed with the gifts that they desire.

Growing up writing letters to Santa is a rite of passage and millions of children have sent letters to Santa each year in hopes of winning the jolly elf over and convincing him they are worthy of the gifts they ask for.

Our kids LOVE writing a lettter to Santa detailing their Christmas wish lists.

Our kids collect as many sale flyers and toy catalogs as they can get their hands on (before I make them disappear 🙂 ) and write out their Christmas wish lists for Santa. The really great thing is that they can actually get a response from the North Pole. You’ll just need to do a little prep work ahead of time. Getting Started Even the youngest members of your family can write Santa a letter this year with these Santa letters.

If you want to write a letter from Santa for your child(ren) you can download the printable North Pole Letterhead below.

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Then you can write your letter in any type of Word document and then have it print on the letterhead!You will not be paying anymore if items are purchased through affiliate links.Among the must do Christmas traditions in our household is writing a letter to Santa.The history behind writing Santa letters is about as mystical as Santa himself. Nicholas patron of good children, I kneel for you to intercede.After much research there really is little information as to how the tradition of writing Santa a letter started, but what was found was one single reference to a letter written from a little girl in the 1200's to the real St. Hear my voice through the clouds And this night give me some toys.Over the Big Moon, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The images, tutorials and content on are protected by copyright laws.Wouldn't the surprise be even greater if your child received an unsolicited letter from Santa, encouraging your child to continue to be the good child Santa knows them to be?You know first hand how giddy a piece of mail can make a child, now imagine the pure glee that they will feel when they not only get a piece of mail from someone they know, but receive a personalized letter from Santa addressed to them.That way there would be things in the letter that Mom and Dad wouldn’t know about. I chose the plain white background for my boys letters and then printed it on a really nice parchment cardstock. Just like with the Self-esteem books, I feel the best gift we can give our children comes from a feeling inside and not objects.Even though Caleb will know its from us, I know it will make him really happy to know that we hear the good things he does when he’s not at home. Here is my letter to Beckham if you need an example to get your ideas going!


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