Sample Business Contingency Plan

That's why it's important to make contingency planning a routine part of the way you work.In this article, we explore how to create and maintain robust contingency plans, so that you've always got a backup option when things go wrong.

Managers from different departments can advise you on the impact of disruptive events on services, staff, resources, and business functions.

If you have a plan for heavy snow, will it be triggered by a severe weather warning, or only by actual snowfall?

One event could also have multiple triggers, each of which initiates a different part of your plan (see Example 2, below).

Also include details of when you would expect normal business to resume, and what will signal that your organization is ready for this.

Click on the links below to see two scenarios and contingency plans for an online retailer with an office of 20 employees and a warehouse full of stock.


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