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Sin destroys, so the same compulsion that drives us to save our neighbor from poverty and injustice ought drive us to help them escape sin. We are members of one body, but differentiated members, each with his own vocation. If our parents have sent us to Oxford, if our country allows us to remain there, this is prima facie evidence that the life which we, at any rate, can be lead to the glory of God at present is the learned life. Some Christians fail to obey their call to help the poor and sick, to strive for justice and righteousness.But Stearns and others are wrong to question those whose vocation leads them upstream to the source of so many social ills.Even if there were no harms for children of same-sex couples, Christians would rightly continue to work against sexual brokenness. This does not, of course, mean that it is for anyone a mere toss-up whether he should sweep rooms or compose symphonies.

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The same biological reality that creates life is mirrored in the anthropological reality that children need a mother and father.

Marriage is the social institution that binds woman and man in the kind of permanent, exclusive relationship that nurtures children into adulthood.

The science may be debatable; what isn’t—at least for Christians—is the importance of sex differences. What explanation could there be for indulging in higher education at such a time?

The first time our Lord declared that something was not good was the lack of a suitable partner for Adam; the remedy was Eve. The world may argue that a woman can fulfill the role of father, but Christians must reject such a claim. Lewis summarizes the question: “Why should we—indeed how can we—continue to take an interest in these placid occupations when the lives of our friends and the liberties of Europe are in the balance? ”After reminding his audience that war is really no unusual circumstance for human beings are always living on the edge of a precipice between life and death, Lewis answers that we are called to different things: The work of a Beethoven, and the work of a charwoman, become spiritual on precisely the same condition, that of being offered to God …

University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus has conducted the largest study comparing outcomes for adult children of biological two-parent families to those of parents who had been in a same-sex relationship, were divorced, and so on.

According to his 2012 New Family Structures Study, there are statistically significant differences on variables for children of a mother or father who had a same-sex relationship—ranging from joblessness to educational attainment to increased rates of depression—when compared to children who lived with their married, biological parents throughout childhood.ich Stearns is a servant, a Wharton grad who leapt from the top of corporate America and landed in a stream, knees bent bracing.Arms outstretched, he is a fisher of men, desperate to save the poor, sick and suffering.They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home, or become teenage parents themselves.And the foundations of our community are weaker because of it.Some say such statistics are unrelated to the question of same-sex marriage.Any two parents are as good as a biological mother and father, they claim.The Declaration asks Christians to prioritize these concerns and refuse to “render unto Caesar” when the laws of man contradict moral obligations to God. Life, marriage, and religious liberty are not arbitrary choices; they are inextricable.The ethic of life is premised on the doctrine of Imago Dei, the inherent dignity of every human being as a creature uniquely crafted in the image of God himself.At a recent gathering in Los Angeles, Stearns privileged the work he and others do around poverty issues and criticized Christians who he sees as preoccupied by work focused on the meaning and purpose of marriage. It is unlikely that “number of deaths prevented” is actually Stearns’ metric for determining the legitimacy of a vocation.Surely he recognizes the mundane contributions of faithful Christians in education, law, engineering, art, and a thousand other fields as legitimate whether or not life hangs in the balance.


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