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In addition, a peer-led feedback scheme will run throughout the conference, offering postgraduates the opportunity to receive friendly and constructive feedback on their presentations.Journal & Publicationsis the first English-language journal to concentrate on the revolutionary period.

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This year’s conference affords us the opportunity to re-examine, in particular, the first year of Soviet power.

We welcome paper proposals on any aspect of the period in Russia’s history, 1880-1932, but we welcome especially individual or panel proposals that deal with topics such as: the Constituent Assembly and its dissolution; the Civil War; alternative governments to Soviet power and non-Bolshevik political movements; state-building; the spread of revolution to the provinces and non-Russian parts of the former Russian Empire; democracy and dictatorship; political violence and terror; foreign reactions to the Revolution and foreign intervention; and papers/panels that explore more conceptual issues such as the periodisation of the Revolution, the concept of ‘Soviet power,’ etc.

All those interested in attending and/or presenting papers should contact Dr. We plan to publish some of the papers and panel discussions in a special issue (or issues) of the Study Group’s journal, Revolutionary Russia, in 2017-18.

Postgraduates presenting papers at the Study Group are eligible to apply for a subsidy of some of the conference costs if they are unable to obtain other funding.

[email protected] and Dr Aaron Retish, Associate Professor, Wayne State University, [email protected] for authors are published at the back of each issue, or can be obtained online.

Books for review should be sent to the Reviews Editor: Dr.

As this year’s conference will mark the centenary of 1917, our programme will feature some panels devoted to evaluating the state of research on Russia’s revolutionary year, considering recent literature in the field, and setting out agendas for future research.

Therefore, alongside proposals for research papers, we would very much welcome contributions to such panels: these might focus for example on revolutionary moments, power, conflict, gender, ideas, space and place, revolutionary culture, personal experience, voices and memory, revolution on a global scale, and/or comparative study of revolutions. Papers will need to be submitted in December to allow for pre-circulation amongst the group before the conference.

James Ryan, Department of History, Cardiff University, Ryan [email protected] The latest subscription rate for individuals is £53.

To request an online sample copy, please visit the Taylor and Francis website.


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