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i-manager’s Journal on Image Processing equip the researchers, academics, professionals and high level engineering students to understand and manipulate the advance algorithms.

Image Processing is considered to be one of the most rapidly evolving areas of information technology today, with growing applications in all areas of business.

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An image is nothing but mapping of intensity of the light reflecting from a scene captured from a camera, and edges are the discontinuity of the scene intensity function. There are many methods for edge detection such as Robert’s operator, Prewitt operator, Sobel operator, Canny edge detector and so on. 1 shows edge detection using these operators on standard image available in MATLAB. In image processing, noise in a digital image arises during image acquisition and also during transmission.

Different types of noise include speckle, Gaussian, salt-and-pepper and more.

It represents the occurrence of various gray levels relative to the frequencies.

In this program, we plot the histogram of the original image and of the histogram-equalised image. There are three .m files, one each for edge detection, noise effects and histogram.

Two image files (.jpeg) are also included along with these .m files in the same folder.

Launch MATLAB R2013a from your desktop and open an .m file from C:\Users\SONY\Desktop folder to run the program.


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