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For decades, market research techniques have helped gather information on consumer behavior and how they think and verbalize.Nevertheless, this information has become insufficient, as many times the consumers do not desire or cannot express what they feel and think.

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A new way of carrying out market research has emerged, which has attracted the attention of researchers and brands, and of anyone interested in marketing and consumer behavior.

Neuromarketing has sparked great interest, which has been accompanied by an avalanche of information, many times dubious, on the possibilities offered by the technique.

In 2016 it was the most cited journal in neuroscience, with 20,063 citations.

PLOS ONE PLOS ONE is the first open-access multidisciplinary journal in the world.

Usually, neuromarketing courses or masters train you to consult scientific studies, but for those who haven’t taken a master course in the area or those who wish to refresh the training received, we present next some tips to search for papers, and list prestigious journals where you can find high quality papers.

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When searching for sources of scientific information, it is important to follow some guidelines to identify the importance and quality of these journals: Although there are several sources to consult, in this post we propose seven journals where you can find scientific neuromarketing papers, studies on consumer neuroscience, general neuroscience, and marketing applied to the consumer.Journal of Advertising Research Published by the Cambridge University Press, the “Journal of Advertising Research” is dedicated to providing information on publicity, marketing and research.This scientific journal is published for academics, professionals and users of publicity and communication, as well as for any person that actively participates in scientific research.In this way, consulting a scientific neuromarketing paper or neuroscientific study helps us establish the state of the art of the discipline, and guides us at the time of carrying out any studies.Examples of these studies include evaluation of a publicity campaign, test a new product or service, or evaluate the usability of a new website or app.Just because a book, paper, video or neuromarketing blog is published or online, does not make it 100% reliable.And even if it is, we must be careful at the time of generalizing conclusions from a specific study to other applications (i.e., not expect the same results).This journal encompasses very diverse subjects related to, for example, natural sciences, medical investigation, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.Journal of Consumer Research Founded in 1974, the “Journal of Consumer Research” is a bimonthly academic journal that covers research that describes and addresses multiple aspects of consumer behavior, including psychology, marketing sociology, economics, commerce, anthropology, business, communications, arts, and humanities.Journal of Experimental Psychology: General The Journal of Experimental Psychology was a bimonthly academic journal published by the American Psychology Association (APA).Since 1916 the journal published papers related to experimental psychology.


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