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Enables keyword searching of words within the titles of articles, subject headings, author names, and abstracts.Popular journals covered include American Music (1993– ), Black Music Research Journal (2002– ), and Perspectives of New Music (1993).

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This article offers some recommended sources for music research papers.

Listed below is a sample of a few broad Library of Congress subject headings—made up of one word or more representing concepts under which all library holdings are divided and subdivided by subject—which you can search under and use as subject terms when searching online library catalogs for preliminary and/or additional research, such as books, audio and video recordings, and other references, related to your research paper topic.

, 2nd ed., by Roger Lax and Frederick Smith, 774 pages (New York: Oxford University Press, 1999) First published in 1984, this revised second edition offers immediate access to information on more than 11,000 American and English songs, alphabetically arranged.

Divided into 10 sections, entries list the composer, lyricist, year of popularity, and recording artists for each song.

Includes selective discography, bibliography, and Web sites. Also provided is an extensive index of song titles for easy reference.

, edited by Nicolas Slonimsky, Laura Kuhn, and Dennis Mc Intire, 1,595 pages (New York: Schirmer, 1997) An important single-volume reference work, this solidly written and researched tome, edited by Nicolas Slonimsky, follows the same format as Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians but profiles the most influential musicians of the 20th century. (Detroit, Mich.: Gale Group, 2010) With 68 volumes and counting, this cumulative reference series thoroughly profi les more than 4,500 important musicians from all genres of music—blues, classical, country, folk, gospel, jazz, New Age, rap, rock, and more. The series has since been updated in a fi fth concise edition by London’s Omnibus Press.As part of your preliminary research to find appropriate resources for your topic, information source and research guides are available at most public and academic libraries and are keyword searchable through your library’s online catalog (to search and locate guides, enter your “subject” followed by these keywords one search at a time: “information sources,” “reference sources,” and “research guide”).Printed guides available for this subject area include , 4th ed., by Vincent H.When researching materials on your topic, subject heading searching may be more productive than searching using simple keywords.However, keyword searching when using the right search method (Boolean, etc.) and combination of words can be equally effective in finding materials more closely relevant to the topic of your research paper.More than 220 drawings and 250 musical examples complement the text. Each entry gives the same detailed treatment of its subjects, with discussion of the social aspects of music and the different musical traditions of ethnic groups or countries.Included with each volume are CDs of previously unrecorded music, reference lists of bibliographic sources, and resource guides.If your topic is “the negative influences of rap music,” for example, enter “negative influences” and “rap music” with “and” on the same line to locate sources directly compatible with the primary focus of your research paper.To find research on more specific aspects of your topic, from your list of keywords that you developed alternate with one new keyword at a time in between (for example, “bad language and rap music,” “culture and rap music,” “criticism and rap music,” “evolution and rap music,” “styles and rap music,” etc.).Keller (New York: Schirmer Books, 1993) In addition to these sources of research, most college and university libraries offer online subject guides arranged by subject on the library’s Web page; others also list searchable course-related “Lib Guides” by subject.Each guide lists more recommended published and Web sources—including books and references, journal, newspaper and magazines indexes, full-text article databases, Web sites, and even research tutorials—that you can access to expand your research on more specific issues and relevant to your research paper topic. a work of almost frightening completeness,” this eight-volume reference, compiled by music expert Colin Larkin, is regarded as the most authoritative volume ever produced covering rock, pop, and jazz artists.


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