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In the view of Yin, “the case study represents an empirical research that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context, and includes a method comprehensive, with the logic of planning, gathering and data analysis.” Can include both single case studies as multiple, as well as quantitative approaches and qualitative research.

(Yin 1994 p.23), help us, he says, to understand and distinguish the case study method to other research strategies such as the historical method and in-depth interview, the experimental method and survey.

This is usually a problem of “inferences” in case studies, and can be dealt with using pattern-matching, which has been described above.

(Yin 1994) External validity deals with knowing whether the results are generalizable beyond the immediate case.

” (Yin, 1994) Among the possible explanations Yin considers are that people are not trained in the use of other methods, or, for governmentally sponsored research, that the difficult permission procedures required for surveys and questionnaires have made their use “a bureaucratically hazardous affair,” leading researchers to the case study method, which is relatively unencumbered by restrictions and requirements.

Identifying three types of case studies — descriptive, exploratory, and explanatory, Yin argues that the case study method qualifies as a serious research tool.

With this procedure it is assumed that one can acquire knowledge of the phenomenon studied from intense exploration of a single case.

Besides the medical and psychological, it became a major methods of qualitative research in human and social sciences.

And, whether qualitative or quantitative, case studies typically relate to single projects, or, at best, small clusters of projects, such that their results usually cannot be generalized to the entire portfolio of projects.

Noting that distinguished scholars frequently use case study as a method of analysis, Yin, in his landmark book on case studies, asks, “If the case study method has serious weaknesses, why do investigators continue to use it?


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