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Easier convenience of Information With internet being a vast information base, students are finding it an effective tool for obtaining knowledge.Students can now retrieve all types of information easier and faster than ever before by way of their personal computers or cell phones.

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The importance and benefits of education technology to the teachers and students cannot be ignored.

Technology has made it easier for teachers to impart knowledge to the students and for students to acquire it.

The use of technology in schools has also made the process of learning and teaching enjoyable. Unfortunately, some forms of technology could cause a person to become dependent on that technology and unable to function well without access to it.

For example, many people have problems driving without a GPS to guide their route.

The positive ways that it affects society are many such as that it has brought luxury to life, increases access to knowledge, provides a communication stage and has generally made life easier. Once, human life use to be limited because no technological applications were available.

Routine life then involved a lot of physical activity but now in these times, people have more luxury and in the process have neglected the need for activity and exercise.

The Internet has given education a new dimension – distance learning and online teaching.

Students no longer have to physically attend classes to be a part of one classroom.

Technology: The systematic application of scientific knowledge to a recent product, process, or service.

Pros: Technology has made a great impact on many separate such as the society as a whole.


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