Problem Solving With Percentages

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Perhaps you thought 18 was the percent and 125 was the base.

The correct percent fraction for the proportion is Jeff has a coupon at the Guitar Store for 15% off any purchase of $100 or more.

: The pie chart or circle graph below shows the total enrollment of students at State College during the Fall 2002 semester, broken down into seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. What do you think the first part of the ratio, freshmen or seniors? That leaves the number associated with seniors to be our second part of the ratio. So the ratio of freshman to seniors would be 40 to 12.

Since freshmen are listed first, that is what our first number of our ratio has to correspond to. You can think of ratios as fractions, and simplify them in the same manner.

Each sector represents the percentage that a category of data is of the whole pie. The graph below is a pie chart: Each sector of the circle represents the percentage of profits that the given ice cream flavor made.

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The top sector shows that chocolate made 41% of the profits in 2002.

The simplified ratio of freshmen to seniors would be 10 to 3.

What percentage were sophomores in the Fall 2002 semester? So what would be the number of sophomores for the Fall 2002 semester?

Since 40 and 12 have a greatest common factor of 4, we can reduce this to be 10 to 3.

Note that if you had started with 12 to 40, this would be incorrect.


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