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INSIGHT Business Staff presents everyday scenarios which require staff to understand business situations, keep details in proportion and focus on elements of the work that matter.Problems require anticipating the needs of clients, understanding numerical information and contributing to team problem solving.It's OK to start out small if you're new to this and just want to get your feet wet.

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If the right person was selected for the job, many things play into the solution—an awareness of company policies and procedures, the correct identification of the core issue, knowledge of available options and the commitment to finding the best resolution.

If the staff member doesn’t have good problem solving skills, then too often the business suffers.

24/7 in every economic sector, employees are trying to solve problems—with a customer, a part, a change, an application and more.

Competent staff members are expected to be able to do what it takes to accomplish their tasks.

You can even rank your list based on how big the problem is.

If you're going for that moonshot idea, make sure you have the skill and capacity to build it out.

Look back at companies who have failed to address this problem and figure out why they failed. If there are still some active competitors in the space, take a hard look at what they offer and at what price.

Maybe even have a friend purchase an item or use their service to see where they excel and where they fall short.

In many cases, solutions just occur to her without any conscious thought.

This typically occurs after extended experience solving similar problems.


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