Phd Thesis In Applied Statistics

Program Requirements In addition to their statistics courses, doctoral students in Statistics often take courses in mathematics, finance, market research, and econometrics.

The individual curriculum will be planned with the help of faculty advisers.

Stern’s curriculum in statistics prepares students for academic positions by preparing them to conduct independent research.

The statistician must be knowledgeable of the basic issues of the intellectual areas in which his or her work will be applied.

See the Ph D Program in Biostatistics website for details.

The Department of Statistics offers two graduate minor programs.The program culminates with the creation of the Ph D thesis, through the stages of proposal, writing, and defense. Statistics Program of Study Statistics Ph D students take their course work in the first two years of study.These courses are taken within the Statistics Group (both as formal courses and also as independent study), within other departments at the Stern School, at NYU's Courant Institute, and at Columbia University.Research and interaction with faculty The Stern statistics faculty have a wide range of interests, but there is special emphasis on time series, statistical modeling, stochastic processes, and financial modeling.Ph D students in statistics take courses in statistical inference, stochastic processes, time series, regression analysis, and multivariate analysis.Note that we admit students to the statistics department to work in statistics, but not to work with a particular faculty member.For a student’s first two years in the program, the Graduate Studies Chair of the department serves as the advisor and students are encouraged to take independent study courses with faculty members they might like to work with.Official recognition of the completion of either of these minor programs will appear on the student's university transcript. This program includes a theoretical component in addition to applied coursework.Students must have a good calculus background in order to complete this minor degree.Students enrolled in other graduate programs at the university have the opportunity to pursue a dual degree to complete the MAS simultaneous to their other degree. The MS in Statistics degree can act as either a terminal degree or as a stepping-stone to the Ph D program.The requirements for this degree are more theoretical than those for the MAS.


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