Persuasive Essay Lesson Plan Esl

Teach your students the power of persuasion by preparing them to write persuasive letters.

This lesson, complete with brainstorming activities, allows young writers to unlock their inner rhetoricians.

Give your class the "write" tools they need to become excellent authors.

In this literary lesson, students use their knowledge of author's purpose to successfully write pieces that persuade, inform, and entertain.

On the other hand, a shorter work week may damage the ability to compete in the global workplace.

Moreover, companies may be tempted to outsource positions to countries where longer work weeks are common.Persuasive writing asks the writer to provide arguments for and against something in order to convince the reader of a point of view.Use these introductory phrases, structures, and phrases to connect your sentences and create a logical flow.What is more, companies will need to hire more workers to keep production up to past levels of a standard forty hour work week.Altogether, these benefits will not only improve quality of life but also grow the economy as a whole.Assess students' final writing by using one of the three rubrics provided in the unit.has a library full of persuasive writing lesson plans catered for your students.This will lead to stronger family relationships, as well as better physical and mental health for all.An increase in free time should lead to more service sector jobs as people find ways to enjoy their extra leisure time.Being able to express and support opinions is greatly beneficial for young learners.This lesson plan includes fun exercises to help students learn about opinions and write supporting statements for their own opinions.


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