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Racial discrimination and ethnicity are among the deviant behaviors that surround those students in sorority and hazing groups.

Racial discrimination and ethnicity are among the deviant behaviors that surround those students in sorority and hazing groups.

Several pieces of research conducted indicates that most students participating in hazing and sorority consumed large amounts of alcohol which is a negative social norm in the society.

If a person is verbally abused, or suffers emotional distress, hazing could be taking place.

Since the military has received bad press in recent years about the hazing that is taking place......

The social group members are active members for at least two years.

The study uses a questionnaire containing ten scenarios of pro-social/altruism behavior and how and what would they do in these possible scenarios. All About Hazing Introduction Hazing is an activity of initiation promoted by all Greek Systems, most usually found in college campuses.


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