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And in the end, the efforts have proven vaguely fruitful as the dropout rate doesn’t seem to diminish.

I found that my paper is pretty informative about the idea of grit, however, I feel like I could have added more about the ideas that are not considered when speaking about it.

Throughout our society everyone has expectations set for themselves and for those around them.

This can be clearly seen in learning institutions where millions of students not only spend time working under pressure but are expected to succeed and have prosperous professional futures.

On top of that students face their own various obstacles they are pressured to overcome daily, both in their personal lives and at school.

Yet some critics have taken issue with Duckworth, arguing that grit is too hard to isolate and measure, or too weak for broad impact in the face of structural barriers like generational poverty.

Recognizing these caveats, when I consider the lives and stories of my mentees at Franklin & Marshall College, grit seems like a crucial X factor in their achievement.Leaving everyone to strongly question what the keys to success are.For a long time, both educators and families alike have explored the possible options for bringing out the best in students and ensuring that they stay on rewarding paths in their life.With the ranges of trouble being very distinct for every walk of life.Similarly to the way that they deal with their hardships in different ways depending from person to person and all have different levels of success.In recent years, the development of the concept and habit of grit has been up and coming and steadily gaining popularity.This concept was made popular by psychologist Angela Duckworth who as a teacher was able to see how grit allowed students to set themselves apart from others and overcome things that would have held them down otherwise.She also mentions that in her study of one thousand students she found that the ones that displayed more grit were more likely to graduate.Even when things in their life were not in their favor, such as, family income, safety of their school and standardized tests scores.In the midst of it all the idea of support for students has seemed to be left out.When working to grow as a person people tend to think it is a lonely journey, which is partially true but also not because people work best when they have others support.


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