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Ous systems do not use liquid ink, and consequetly do not soak the oppositte side of the sheet of paper.We print bibles and similar extremly long books with over 1000 pages with 60gr paper very thin and still they are manejable. Our advice is to use 100 gr for most of the thesis in black&white and in case of 450 pg or more reduce it up to 80.

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The final thesis manuscript must have a ready-for-publication appearance; it must have standardized features and be attractively reproduced.

The Office of the University Registrar does not endorse or verify the accuracy of any thesis formatting templates that may be available to students.

The best for your Ph D Thesis is to use the "proper" paper, based on type of pages (color or black&white) and the number of pages.

It is not advisable to make Ph D Thesis with more than 500 pages with 100 gr paper, because the resulting book would be 30 mm thick (35 mm with hard cover) and consequntly hardly usable.

In order to print your Ph D Thesis, we need an electronic document (usually a PDF).

If you still do no have it, we have some advice on how to design and layout your Ph D Thesis or Master Thesis.

The final copies must produce consistent print quality without gray or dark casts to the background. Double-sided copies may be submitted, but please be sure that the margins are re-aligned on the binding edges to 1.5 inches. Accent marks and hand annotations must be done neatly in black ink.

Margins on the binding edge (left edge if single-sided; right edge for even numbered pages, and left edge for odd numbered pages if double-sided) must be 1.5 inches; all other margins must be one inch.

The cotton content is at the sole discretion of the student.

Photographic paper may be used in lieu of acid-free paper for images; there is no extra charge, as there is with separately mounted photos. Print must be letter quality or near letter quality with dark black characters that are consistently clear, crisp, and easily read.


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