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If going outside your bank to get checks makes you nervous, keep in mind that banks typically don’t print checks.They send them to a third-party printer, such as Deluxe or Harland Clarke, so all you’re really doing is cutting out a middleman.

Secure, professional and bank compliant, checks can help you stand out in the crowd with fun, unique or traditional designs.

You can also create your own custom business forms and custom order forms to differentiate your business.

Another benefit of going outside your bank for checks is you might find a larger selection of colors and styles.

In fact, you can find checks online with almost any image or theme you can imagine, from fine art to college sports teams to cats doing yoga.

Show us the ad or quote and we will match the price. See a store associate, call 1-800-463-3768 or visit for full details.

Match excludes free product offers, gift card offers, location specific offers, holiday sales offers (e.g., Black Friday, Cyber Monday), special orders, services, liquidation, ad errors, clearance, refurbished and closeout items. Get custom printed business and personal checks for every day.

While printers typically verify your account details with the bank before printing, checks with the wrong account information on them aren’t very useful.

If you’re going to spend more than the bare minimum on a check, it should be on check-safety features, says Magnus Carlsson, manager for treasury and payments at the Association for Financial Professionals.

“Checks are the payment method with the most fraud,” Carlsson says.

“So anything you can do to have more security is a big thing.” Top-of-the-line security features such as additional hard-to-copy microprint, hologram foil, heat sensors and hard-to-duplicate watermarks can double the cost of checks.


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