Of Mice And Men Coursework Seven

Lennie, the larger man, lumbers along heavily like a bear; George is small and has slender arms and small hands.The men also react differently to the pond: Lennie practically immerses himself in the water, snorting it up and drinking in long, greedy gulps.When the story opens, for example, the setting is a few miles south of Soledad, California, near the Salinas River.

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He fills his hat and puts it on his head, letting the water trickle merrily down his shoulders.

George, on the other hand, is more cautious, wondering about the quality of the water before he drinks a small sample.

They both wear similar clothes and carry blanket rolls, and the larger man imitates the smaller.

But they are more dissimilar than they are alike: One is huge and shapeless; the other small and carefully defined.

When Lennie drops near the pool's edge and begins to drink like a hungry animal, George cautions him that the water may not be good.

This advice is necessary because Lennie is retarded and doesn't realize the possible dangers.

This shows us that Lennie, in addition to having a lot of strength, is unintelligent.

This makes the reader feel slightly uneasy as it hints that Lennie may use his strength unwisely later in the novel. Lennie looks “timidly” at George when George is in a bad mood, and Lennie asks a lot of questions.

The setting in this novel contains the "golden foothill slopes" and the "strong and rocky Gabilan Mountains." It is quiet and natural with sycamores, sand, leaves, and a gentle breeze.

The rabbits, lizards, and herons are out in this peaceful setting.


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