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v1.7: 1999/06/02, 1999/05/20, 1999/05/13 (Francois Pitt) - Minor change to the format of the date printed on every page with the `draft' option.- Minor cosmetic change to the word "DRAFT" printed on the corners of every page with the `draft' option.

v1.5: 1999/02/17 (Francois Pitt) - Fixed missing page numbers and headers by removing redefinition of \cleardoublepage (reported by Robert Bernecky 1999/02/04 and Nedialko Nedialkov 1999/02/12).

- Added \clearemptydoublepage and \clearplaindoublepage commands. - Removed redefinitions of \tableofcontents, \listoftables, and \listoffigures because they already call \clearpage or \cleardoublepage by default.

- Made `draft' mode doublespaced by default (it just makes more sense for actual drafts; suggested by Eric Joanis).

- Changed \currenttextsize from a "\newcommand" to a "\let". v1.6: 1999/03/06 (Francois Pitt) - Minor change: replaced ``\ifx\empty#1\else...\fi'' with ``\ifx\empty#1\empty\else...\fi'' (the former works only by accident while the latter is logically correct).

Update: Download if you want a bibliography file to play around with You may want to consider using an online editor, which saves the hassle of maintaining and installing your own packages.

One possible platform is Overleaf, which allows collaborative editing.[ students/finup/producingthesis/formatting.htm] Copyright (c) 1998-2013 Francois Pitt last updated at (EDT) on Wed This work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the La Te X Project Public License, either version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any later version.The latest version of this license is in version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of La Te X version 2005/12/01 or later.This work consists of the following files: README: this file ut-thesis.cls: class file ut-thesis.tex: template See the comments inside each file for further details.--------------- Version History --------------- TODO: - [2012/12/06] Redefinition of \thebibliography not compatible with packages like natbib. v2.1: 2013/09/25 (Francois Pitt) - Changed definition of dedication environment to simply format its paragraph flush right with no header -- this also helps fix a bug where La Te X complains of a "missing \item" when both dedication and acknowledgement sections are used (reported by Bardia Bina). This example output uses the gillow bibliography style file which is a very minor modification to the plain bibliography style.As of version 2.2 the default is to use a graphical logo with file name (for PDFLa Te X).The Mathematical Institute Linux systems have the class and logo files installed by default.If you are using this document class on another system you will need to obtain a suitable logo file to go with the class file available from this page.- Renamed `oneandahalfspaced' option to `onehalfspaced' (for consistency with `setspace' package).- Removed `singlespaced', `oneandahalfspaced', `doublespaced', and `spacing' environments -- use environments from `setspace' package instead.


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