My Ethical Values Essay

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Ideas about fairness and images of justice can also vary among different groups.

The moral positions of anti-abortion and pro-choice activists are sometimes regarded as incommensurable.

Thus, indicators of aggression may vary.[19] In the Middle East, for example, a direct refusal is considered a hostile gesture.

But in other cultures, raising an objection is customary and well accepted.

Social reality also dictates what counts as appropriate action and sets boundaries on what people are able to do.[6] It even affects the way in which emotions are labeled, understood, and acted upon.

Thus, an individual's beliefs, sayings, and actions must be understood within the context of a particular social world.

Yet the freedom that women exhibit in Western societies is abhorrent to some very traditional Muslim cultures, in which women's modesty is seen as a virtue.

In short, the two groups have clashing conceptions of moral value.

In some cases, one group may come to view the beliefs and actions of another group as fundamentally evil and morally intolerable.

This often results in hostility and violence and severely damages the relationship between the two groups.


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