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The picture chosen is that of Obama entering Air Force One with a almost wicked smile that gives the general feel of him saying “I’m pulling one over on the GOP and no one is the wiser.”The truth of the issue must lie between these two extremes that Fox and NBC have painted.

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In the coverage that they provide, President Obama is fighting a battle to try to save the country from falling into further debt and is simply being bullied and brought down by the Republican party that simply care about disagreeing with his efforts because they view his entire presidency as being the enemy.The article goes on to show pictures of the President walking alone on a snowy day looking burdened by the weight of the troubles the country faces being solely on his shoulders.The story almost makes it look as though Obama is a sort of hero or valiant knight that is fighting against all odds for those he cares about, which in this case is the American people.This appears to be an accurate statement when it comes to the budget, taxation, and federal spending cuts stories that it has ran.In the Fox News stories, the actions of President Obama are a means of sabotaging the Republican party’s credibility as a means to boost the general population’s view of the Democratic party, regardless of the consequence its has on the actual country.The story gives the exact times that the President will be arriving, fielding the media, and giving general discussion about topics of importance.The facts of the story are clearly stated such as in the From an article such as this one, a reader is truly able to step back and realize that there is an incredible amount of bias that news sources provide on events that have occurred in the recent past as it allows for journalists to be able to find quotation and other abilities to turn the story in a particular political direction to suede the audience to favor one course of action over another.These sorts of quotes are then attached to important Republican representatives in order to show that they are the ones that are unwilling to compromise and are the very reason why the political process in the United States has come to a halt.The bias in this form of news clearly favors the left-winged side of politics, but is can be easily countered by the story that Fox News provides for the same event.Fox News has long been criticized as being very biased and unfairly right-winged dominated in its coverage.Fox seems to give more coverage, to republican and tea party based issues.


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