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Describe some important ways in which your sample differs from your target population, and how that might alter the results.• Nonsampling errors are due to incorrectly collecting or recording data.

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c) Data Collection This section will describe the design of your study, and will include the two subsections described below.

Proposed Plan In this subsection, you will describe your plan for gathering data.

This group unveiled the term from the Greek word, mathema.

Although the Pythagoreans “fathered” the subject, it was however, the Greeks that were known to first embrace and promote the education of math.

You should clearly identify: i) The type of study you planned to perform ii) The individuals/objects being measured and population of interest iii) Your sampling frame (if different from the population, which it usually is) iv) Your sampling method, and if convenience sampling was necessary, explain why it was the only realistic option v) Your data collection techniques – tools (a survey or recording sheet, a measurement device), protocols (time, location, instructions for person who is doing the data collection), and any other relevant information.

Any documents you use will be included in the appendix of this paper.(You can have more than one.) ii) A description of why you chose this topic.iii) If the topic is important to you or others, explain why it is important.The graduate algebra course was now taught out of Lang, and since I was going to have to take the comprehensive exams at UCSD, that made it pretty clear that I needed to learn Lang’s approach.Nothing the speaker said made a bit of sense to us, but we looked at each other and shrugged.The first Greek schools of “math,” known as the Ionian and Pythagorean schools, can be dated back to around 400 B. Additionally, the Greeks refined, expanded, and promoted rigor, “It was said that the Greek geometricians are compared with those current at a later date”. brought” it to Italy where it was then translated to Latin and ushered to Europe and further refined.Along the way other cultures too, refined the subject. Today, new discoveries continue to manipulate mathematics.3 pages first draft due on 11/27 night 5 pages final draft due on 12/4 Structure of Final Paper Your final paper will describe your project and present your results.General guidelines (if you’re not already following the style of an English class): • 12-point font • 1-inch margins • Single or 1.5-spacing between lines • Use headings to separate the sections of your paper • Write for an audience of professionals who might be interested in your topic: staff in Highline’s student government, the college president, members of a local city council, or the leaders of some other community organization.Actual Experience In this subsection, you will describe your experiences gathering data.i) How closely did your experience match your original plan?


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