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In that context, therefore, a good essay about Dr Martin Luther King must have a purpose that you plan to achieve by writing the essay. For example, are you writing it in the context of contemporary civil rights movements in our world [America]; in the context of civil rights movements in the 60s; or in the context of the gains or losses and therefore, successful prosecution of civil rights movements? Or indeed whether you are intimating your audience with Martin Luther King, Pre- Civil-Rights Movement.

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Martin Luther King Assassination (word count for research paper includes 1,400 word outline) It was a glorious April 4th evening as Martin Luther King and hundreds of followers were gathering for a civil rights march.

Many cheered on as the civil rights leader graciously out step on the second floor balcony of the Motel Lorraine.

This speech has become one of the most famous speeches in history. The Civil Rights Act was passed a year later in 1964.

Convicted for armed robbery in 1960, James Earl Ray escaped from Missouri State Penitentiary on April 22, 1967.

He is considered one of the great orators of modern times, and his speeches still inspire many to this day. It was at this march where Martin gave his "I Have a Dream" speech.

He was so smart that he skipped two grades in high school. In the end, however, Martin prevailed and segregation on the Montgomery buses came to an end.Preston Battle which reduced his sentence to 99 years in prison instead of the death penalty . As will become evident, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. resulted in the immediate outburst of riots, Robert Kennedy eulogizing King, the high attendance of King’s funeral service, and the implementation of the Fair Housing Act; the prosecution of James Earl Ray; and in the longer term, the creation of Martin Luther King National Holiday as well as the desire to reopen the case of James Earl Ray in 1997. In the immediate proceedings of Martin Luther King assassination... Ray’s hatred for the black population and support for Nazism fueled his drive to assassinate pacifistic leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Hellbound on His Trial: The Stalking of Martin Luther King Jr. During the civil rights era, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s strong political and religious presence caused him to be a potential target as many denounced his promotion of equality amongst blacks and whites in America. James Earl Ray was convicted in March 1969 for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. In court, Ray voluntarily pleaded guilty before Judge W. Afterwards, Ray fled to Canada where he changed his identify and created a fake passport which would later be used to flee to Brussels, Belgium from a Scottish airport. However, Ray was caught at Heathrow Airport on June 8, 1968 and was deported back to America.


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