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These three transactions add up to one hell of an admirable hero.Conflict of forces is reflected in the character of Macduff.A loyal person bears a moral character, honest outlook, and disciplined manners.

He is a curse to his people, to his society and to his country.

He must be exposed and brought to task, as and when detected.

" (Act II, Scene3, 63) The response of the other lords is revealing. love of family- in his heart; realist though he was, Macduff may not have believed that Macbeth would stoop to such brutality and wickedness as the murder of women and children.

From the beginning of the play, Banquo is seen a Macbeth’s closest friend.

Although Banquo’s descendants are promised to sit on the throne, Banquo hesitates to fully have faith in the witch’s prophecy.

He has recognised them to be evil and cunning, “What, can the devil speak true? Banquo is quick to distinguish evil plans where Macbeth fails to. oftentimes, to win us to our harm, The instruments of darkness tell us truths…” Despite Banquo’s warning, Macbeth is now more confident that his deep inner desire will be fulfilled – especially after the witch’s prophecy.Duncan’s murder is discovered by his loyal supporter Macduff.It is the intensity of his devotion to the king that brings him to the castle just at the time of the murder and makes him the first to see the dead body, "The Lord’s anointed temple" (Act II, Scene3, 67) as he calls it.Banquo and Macbeth’s friendship is challenged on their encounter of the ‘weird’ sisters.The witches promise kingship to Macbeth by which Banquo is eager to find out his future.In expressing his loyalty to the dead king he ignores his equally great commitment to protect his family. Why then, did Macduff leave his wife and family unprotected?Macduff returns from the scene of Duncan’s murder crying "O Horror, horror, horror! Perhaps, there was a conflict of loyalties in- love of country vs.When soon afterwards he goes to England in support of Duncan’s son Malcolm, his wife and children are left to be murdered by Macbeth. " (Act II, Scene3, 100) Except for Macduff, there is no expression of horror, outrage or grief by those present.His personality lacks the energy to sustain both the commitments of his loyal heart. In the interview with Lady Macduff, Ross describes her husband as "noble, wise, judicious" (Act IV, Scene2, 16) one whom "best knows the fits o’ the season" (Act IV, Scene2, 17).In the start, Macbeth and Banquo are loyal, honourable and impressive warriors in the king’s army.Later in the play we see Banquo as being a contrast to Macbeth as Macbeth’s ambition and selfishness takes over.


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