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If the guidelines indicate that a review proposal instead of a finished manuscript should be submitted for consideration, follow those instructions with precision, providing exactly what is requested in the formats specified.

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As the author of a literature review article intended for journal publication, you are acting as an expert on the topic you are reviewing, and therefore as someone who is able to identify and explain important details that others might miss, so you must thoroughly understand all aspects of each study’s content and thoughtfully assess the value of its contributions and implications.

Focussing on material and ideas directly related to your topic or research question will be wise, but publications reporting results and arguments that disagree with or contradict your own line of reasoning must be read and evaluated along with those that support your perspective.

Without it, the work required to become familiar with the scholarship in a field or on a specific topic, analyse it critically and objectively, and then write about it with authority and interpretive wisdom can be monumental and more than a little intellectually challenging.

For this and other reasons, many journals prefer to invite experienced experts to write literature reviews, but some journals will accept unsolicited review articles or consider author proposals for literature reviews of research areas relevant to their publication aims and scope.

Taking well-organised notes to summarise and paraphrase sources as you read and reflect is essential.

In order to plan and write your literature review article efficiently, you will need to know the exact source of each important bit of information.Here’s another way of describing those four main tasks.8 Key Steps for Writing a Literature Review Article for a Journal Knowing how to write a literature review for an academic or scientific journal is a valuable skill.If the journal publishes review articles, there will usually be some relevant guidelines, though these may simply inform authors that unsolicited literature reviews are not welcome.If this is the case, moving on to another journal is the best plan unless you consider yourself expert enough in the area to contact the editor and ask if the review you hope to write might be considered.Many scholarly journals publish stand-alone literature reviews as review articles, survey articles or literature overviews, and some journals are entirely dedicated to publications of this kind.Review articles tend to be extremely well read, with busy experts and professionals as well as students and other novice researchers benefiting immensely from reviewers’ descriptions and evaluations of the scholarship in a field of study or area of specialisation.Assessing the contributions of new papers can be especially challenging because they may not have been read and cited yet, and closely related publications in other disciplines and research areas along with interdisciplinary studies may present special challenges as well.Yet these types of publications tend to offer new perspectives and can usually be easily discovered via keyword and key phrase searches.However, if you are working with a predetermined set of criteria as established in a systematic review, you will need to adhere to it in order to avoid or minimise bias.4.Read the individual studies selected for your review carefully and critically, analysing their methodologies, results and conclusions, and evaluating their contributions to knowledge and research techniques in the field.


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