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Every exercise in the Teacher Resource Pack has been designed in this manner.Moreover, supporting the main lesson activity are a whole host of starter and plenary suggestions, examples and guidance on other approaches you might use, key terms tests for every topic and, of course, answers to all of the student book exercises.

60 Second Challenge This is great for short lessons when you want to get the students focused quickly.

Use the SMART board again to time a 60 second activity and get the task to disappear after 60 seconds ready for students to feed back any idea to you.

Tweet Last lesson Twitter style handouts could be given to students as they enter the room, they are then asked to update them based on their knowledge from the last lesson.

How can they sum up the last lesson in 140 characters?

Social Sciences Online also provides PDFs of the Ministry of Education’s series Building Conceptual Understandings in the Social Sciences (BCUSS): Although the BCUSS series is designed to help teachers of levels 1–5, it is strongly commended to senior social science teachers.

For a link, see Featured content, right navigation.You can then ask the groups to present to the class instead of you doing the recap with them. These starters can be used at any point of the course… In September why don’t you try giving some of the above a try… Written by Donna Jestin Further reading Collins Secondary is the home of innovative learning resources for all stages of secondary education.We support thousands of teachers and pupils who are using our award-winning materials every day, and provide what you need to enhance the learning experience with our easy to use and flexible programmes.If you can get your students engaged in a topic you don’t need a checklist to tell you your lesson is working – your students, and their results, will be speaking volumes.It was student engagement we had in mind when we wrote the Teacher Resource Pack that accompanies the .We had fun writing it, and our students had fun trying things out – we hope it helps you achieve consistent greatness. Denry Machin Author of Collins Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies Student Book & Teacher Guide ®IGCSE is the registered trademark of Cambridge International Examinations Collins Secondary is the home of innovative learning resources for all stages of secondary education.Information in this teaching resources section can help with business studies lesson planning and preparation.This particular exercise focuses on ethics and environmental issues, a topic previously covered on this site.Case study examples of ethical and environmental issues are easy to come by; the challenge though is that students often remember the Most importantly the exercise is fun, and, as we all know, when things are fun students are more engaged, and are more likely to learn.Most importantly, these activities are tried and tested; they have been used with our own classes and tweaked according to student feedback.We are constantly challenging ourselves to move from ‘good’ to ‘great’, and we designed the Resource Pack with that goal in mind.


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